School Student Transport Scheme

Here you will find basic information about applying for a school bus pass.

Who can get a SSTS bus pass?

As a NSW transport operator, Forest Coach Lines administers school bus passes to the students of the North Coast of NSW schools as part of the School Student Transport Scheme if they meet all the eligibility criteria.

Your child is eligible for a free bus pass if they are:

  1. A NSW resident
  2. Enrolled at a registered school
  3. Older than four years, six months
  4. Eligible for free Government education
  5. Living more than the required distance from their school

If you do not meet any of these criteria, please refer to our FAQs for your alternative options.

How Can I Apply for a Bus Pass?

Students may apply for a school bus pass by completing an online application form available from the Transport for NSW website.

Term Passes

If you require a Term Pass for your child, you can purchase one over the counter at our depot.

How to Read our Bus Passes

Our bus passes show the exact bus stop that your child is advised to board at and what buses they will need to catch throughout the day.

School Bus Pass FAQs

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions for a comprehensive list of Q&As regarding our school bus passes including topics such as when to apply, terms and conditions of travel, what to do if you are not eligible for a free bus pass, information about our Term Passes and what to do if your child has two residential addresses.