School Services FAQs

A more comprehensive look at eligibility criteria, special circumstances and any other school bus pass or school route related questions.

School Bus Services

Our nearest bus stop is too far away. What can I do?

Transport for NSW has a School Student Transport Scheme for those who live more than 1.6 km from their nearest bus stop or if their nearest stop does not service the required school and they need to drive to a nearby interchange.

Bus Passes

Is my child eligible for a School Student bus pass?

Contact the Transport for NSW Concession team on 131500 or visit the website to see if your child is eligible.

How do I apply for a bus pass for my child?

To apply for a bus pass, you must complete and lodge an Application Form for subsidised travel on the Transport for NSW website and have this verified by the school at which the child is enrolled.

My child is not eligible for free travel. What can I do?

In the case that your child has been deemed ‘too close’ to the threshold, you will receive relevant paperwork by mail.

Should you wish to request a review by Transport for NSW, based on the walking distance or safety grounds, you can complete this via the information sent to you.

If Transport for NSW does not approve subsidised travel following this review, and you feel that there are special circumstances, you may appeal this decision. Alternatively, if your child is not eligible on any other non-distance related grounds your child can still travel on our school buses by paying per trip to the driver or by purchasing a Term Pass.

I want my child to catch the bus to/from a daycare provider or a friend/relative’s house. Can they travel for free on their bus pass?

No, students cannot use their bus pass for free travel in this instance. Your child’s bus pass provides free travel between their home and their school (or an interchange if that is as far as our travel extends). Any alteration or additions to the trip as printed on the front of the pass will require a fare payment.

Can my child use their pass on the weekends and holidays?

No, the pass is only valid for travel to and from school, Monday to Friday, between 6:00am–6:00pm, during school term. They can still travel on our services, as they please, but will be required to pay the driver for the trip. The Term Pass is not valid on public holidays, weekends or during school holidays.

My child needs to travel to and from two homes because of a shared custody situation. What do I need to do?

For further information, please contact Transport for NSW on 131 500