Coffs Harbour Bible Church School

Morning Bus Route

Route NumberaRoute TimeStops
S8107:47am1 Carrywell Cr 7.47am*, 2 Bacon Cl*, 3 Playford Ave*, (L)Linden Ave, 70 Linden Ave*, 100 Linden Ave*, 128 Linden Ave*, 140 Linden Ave*, (L)Bruce King Dr, (L)Avonleigh Dr, (R)Meadow View Cl, 4 Meadow View Cl*, U-TURN Noreena Pl*, (L)Avonleigh Dr, (R)Bruce King Dr, (R)Linden Ave, (L)Sunrise Dr, (R)Harvie Dr, 25 Harvie Dr*, (L)Linden Ave, 41 Linden Ave*, (L)Illabo Cr, (R)Eungella St, 11 Eungella St*, Amaroo Cr*, (L)Nariah Cr, 3 Nariah Cr*, (R)Alleena Dr, Armstrong Rd*, Toormina High 8.08am*, (R)Lady Belmore Dr, 1 Kinchella Ave*, (R)Sunbird Cr, 41 Sunbird Cr*, 21 Sunbird Cr*, (R)Linden Ave, Duck Pond 8.12am*, (L)Sawtell Rd, 263 Sawtell Rd*, 291 Sawtell Rd*, (R)Highway, Coffs Stadium*, (R)Stadium Dr, (L)Hogbin Dr, (L)High St, Coffs Public, CCPS 8.25am*, (L)Earl St, (R)Bonville St, (R)Gordon St, St Augustines 8.30am*, S7 departs at 8.40am *, (R)Albany St, (R)Hogbin Dr, (R)Hi-Tech Dr, (L)Hi-Tech Dr, Bible Church School 8.35am*
S8138:07amHobbs Cr Bus Shelter 8.07am*, (R)Linden Ave, Dews Av Bus Shelter*, 2 Linden Ave *, 102 Linden Ave*, Duckpond 8.13am*, (R)Sawtell Rd, 150 Sawtell Road*, (L)Hogbin Drive, (L)Hi Tech Dr, (L)Craft Place, Bible School 8.20am*

Afternoon Bus Route

Route NumberRoute TimeStops
S9133:00pmDepart – Bible School by 3.00pm*, Opp. Cutlers Tyres*, Toormina Rd*, Hobbs Cr Bus Shelter*, U – Turn William Bayldon School *, (R)Toormina Rd, Straight along Hogbin Drive*, Thru Harbour drive roundabout*, (L)Watsonia Ave, (R)Gentle St, Steiner School 3.25pm*, (L)Watsonia Ave, (R)Orlando St, High St*, Coffs High 3.30pm*, (L)Hogbin Dr, (R)Stadium Dr, Coffs Hbr League Club*, (L)Hwy, Interchange with S7 – Students to remain onboard until connection is made with S13*, (R)Stadium Dr, (L)Sawtell Rd, OPP. 291 Sawtell Rd 3.45pm*, 262 Sawtell Rd*, (R)Toormina Rd, Opp 12 Toormina Road (Vets)*, 54 Toormina Road ( Soccer Field)*, (L)Lyons Rd, Hobbs Cr Bus Shelter*, Bayldon Public 3.53pm*, McFadyn St Bus Shelter*, 1 Tindara Dr*, 128 Lyons Rd*, 102 Lyons Rd*, Tennis Court Bus Shelter*, (L)Boronia St, 57 Boronia St*, OPP Second Ave*, 9 Elizabeth St*, (L)First Ave, (R)Coronation Ave, 5 Coronation Ave*, 137 First Ave*, Herron St & First Ave*, Sawtell Rd*, 27 Sawtell Rd*, 93 Sawtell Rd 4.05pm*