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Forest Coach Lines (Forest) has been buoyed by a strong showing of community support for a premium B-Line service.

During a recent community forum held in Narrabeen and hosted by Forest, international experts outlined the importance of delivering a premium service to make the concept viable in the long term.  In addition, the benefits of private operators running Bus Rapid Transport solutions for the North Shore, including the proposed B-Line have been clearly outlined.

Speaking at the forum, internationally regarded transport expert Professor David Hensher from Sydney University, highlighted the importance of getting the B-Line right the first time, underpinned by high quality, premium service particularly vehicle presentation and customer service.

“You only have one shot at a project like B-Line and it is vital to get the fundamentals right in terms of service delivery.  With the capacity to transport approximately 80,000 people each day, having seamless feeder services is foundational to success”, he said.

David Royle, Managing Director of Forest, commented “It was encouraging to receive strong local support from the community for a premium B-Line service. Our experience over a number of years demonstrates that customers respond well to premium services particularly as regards vehicle presentation and customer satisfaction.

Customers in the region where the B-Line corridor will run, Region 8, are already familiar with and supportive of our service offering given approximately 60% of our routes run through this region.

We have a robust existing presence in Region 8 where the B-Line will run. Looking at best practice examples of Bus Rapid Transport solutions from around the world, it is clear that this is a great opportunity to deliver vastly improved transport services to Northern Beaches residents, and we are delighted there is a groundswell of support for this project”.


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