Metro Minds STEAM winners join industry leader Forest Coach Lines to discuss the future of Sydney transport.

As winners of the 2018 Sydney Metro Minds STEAM challenge, five students from Northern Beaches Secondary College, Manly Campus will be visiting Forest Coach Lines on 3 April to discuss the future of Sydney transport.

Having been part of the local community for over 90 years and part of the evolution of transport, Forest Coach Lines is a proud supporter of the futures of tomorrow.
“We’re looking forward to hosting the students at our Terry Hills depot,” said Operations Manager Jay Zmijewski.
“Forest operates many bus and charter services for local schools and has always felt like a part of the school community. As a former student of the Manly Campus myself, it’s an honour to host future leaders of the transport industry. The industry is always changing and it’s important to support initiatives that focus on innovative transport solutions for future generations.” he said.

The students echo this sentiment. Year 10 student and STEAM winner, Alexander Yuen, is particularly keen to visit the depot.
“Ever since I was little I’ve always been a bus enthusiast, interested in bus operations and bus systems. I have a lot of bus collectables at home and I am really excited to check out the Forest depot!” he said.


As part of the challenge, the five Northern Beaches Secondary College students spent 10 weeks working on creative, imaginative and innovative ideas to solve problems Sydney metropolitan transport may face in the future. This was done using the STEAM philosophy of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, with the team recognised for their wide
thinking and new ideas.

As a transport provider who itself evolved from humble beginnings into a major provider of public transport across a wide stretch of Sydney’s northern suburbs, Forest Coach Lines is
committed to supporting the ongoing transformation of public transport. Employing over 130 local staff and combining a strong community focus with world-class transport initiatives,
Forest is fully committed to providing the highest standard of route and school bus services.

For more information on Forest Coach Lines services, contact Rod Frail on rfrail@apa.net.au

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