With all schools returning to face to face learning, Forest Coach Lines is taking a proactive preventative approach to ensure we minimise any risk to our customers.  


To ensure that our fleet is contagion safe, buses are disinfected twice daily with a hospital grade disinfectant, with extra emphasis placed on all physical touch-points in the vehicles.


In our depots, we are monitoring our driver health including daily temperature checks to ensure that no potential cases go unnoticed. We have engaged an independent health care provider to advise and assess any drivers for potential symptoms as they arise and provide consultation where any suspicion or concerns are present. We will ensure that any self-isolation required is carried out.


We have increased hygiene awareness with educational posters in best-practice hygiene and protection against the spread of viral infections including COVID-19 and are providing appropriate means for hand-washing and sanitising. Drivers have been provided with personal hand-sanitising bottles.

We are encouraging all passengers to continue practising social distancing on our buses as per Transport for NSW and NSW Health guidelines provided to the transport industry. However, distancing between students on our buses is not required. On regular route services school students will be given priority over adult commuters and there is no limit provided to how many students can travel to ensure that no student will be left behind on their way to and from school.


Forest Coach Lines will continue to work closely with Transport for NSW and yourselves to ensure the safety of all of our passengers to the best of our abilities.

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