Safety for Seniors

Safe and comfortable travel for seniors is a top priority for Forest Coach Lines. Initiatives such as the upgrading of our bus fleet and training of our staff in relevant skills are aimed at making seniors’ travel safe and comfortable.

Passengers should be aware of things they can do for a safer journey.

Safety Tips for Bus Travel

The following hints are provided to help you travel safely and comfortably on our buses.

Plan Your Trip

  • If you are going to a new destination you can visit www.131500.info to plan your trip. Alternatively, phone 131 500 (between 6am and 10pm) and press 1 then 2 for timetable and fare information. All of our printed timetables are available to download from this site in PDF format. Click here to select your route.
  • Purchase your ticket before you travel wherever possible. Seniors can purchase open-dated Pensioner Excursion and concession MyBus and MyMulti tickets in advance. These tickets are sold at selected ticket resellers.
  • Please note: Town Hall and Wynyard bus stops are Cashless between 4pm and 7pm weekdays. This means you must buy your ticket before you travel.  Southbound bus stops at Forestway Shops and Jamieson Square are Cashless as well between 7am and 9am.
  • Signal the driver. Stand back from the kerb as the bus pulls in.
  • If you have to buy the ticket on the bus, have your Pensioner Concession or NSW Senior Card and exact fare ready.
  • Wait for the bus to stop and for passengers to alight before boarding.

Getting on or off the Bus

  • Keep one hand free so you can use the handrail.
  • Watch your step!  The entry to the bus can vary between models.
  • When getting off the bus, please exit through the front door.
  • Please ask the driver to lower the bus if possible.

As you Pay Your Fare

  • Please dip your ticket before you take a seat.
  • If you’re not sure whether to get off, ask the driver to tell you when you are at your stop.

While the Bus is Moving

  • Please stay seated.  Avoid changing seats while the bus is moving.
  • Hold on and stay alert at all times.

Approaching Your Destination

  • Press the stop button well before your stop to allow the driver to stop smoothly and safely.
  • If you can’t reach the stop button, ask a fellow passenger to press it for you.
  • Please stay seated until the bus has come to a stop.

Easy Access Buses

All new buses are wheelchair accessible.  To view information about accessible buses, please visit our accessibility pages.

Get the right Ticket for you

Always carry your Concession Card with you when you are using a Pensioner Excursion Ticket (PET) or concession fare.

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